How has ‘Freedom Day’ affected the leisure industry?

Posted 4 August, 2021

It’s officially been 2 weeks since ‘Freedom Day’ when the majority of COVID restrictions have been lifted… but what does this mean for the leisure industry?

We’ve been relentlessly collecting research and we’ve put together a list of some of the main effects ‘Freedom Day’ has had on the leisure industry so far and how we predict it will affect it in the coming months.

Think Local:

Even though restrictions have been lifted people are still uncertain about venturing further from home. People still feel the safest in their local area and this will most likely continue whilst everyone gets used to the lack of restrictions. 

This affords leisure businesses a unique opportunity to give their locals a chance to ‘rediscover’ their area. Target an audience in your local area and help them discover what they can do on their own doorstep whilst still feeling safe.

Gyms and leisure facilities have a very low rate of COVID infection; 1.7 cases per 100,000 visits. Highlighting the safety of being at your leisure centre is one excellent way to get people stepping outside their front door.

The Home Entertainment industry has seen a boom since the start of the first lockdown. Disney+ reached its 5 year target within 8 months of launching! So, getting people to ditch the popcorn and pyjamas isn’t going to be an easy feat. Tools such as special offers and giveaways are a great way to start.

Society is Growing More Conscious:

A global study by Edelman recently found that 55% of consumers believe brands are more accountable than governments – and faster to affect positive change.” – The Future Laboratory

Over the course of the pandemic, society as a whole has become more socially and self conscious. Issues such as domestic violence and racial justice have been brought to the forefront and consumers are rejecting businesses that aren’t creating content for good.

With the government flailing and changing their minds like the weather, consumers are looking to businesses to integrate new metrics that will put health, happiness and the environment at the heart of the economy. So, no pressure! 

This doesn’t mean you have to be everything to everybody. Just make sure you contribute to causes that you and your customers care about and keep them updated about what your business is doing to keep them safe in light of the restrictions being lifted, and it’ll be rate. 

Online Booking Systems:

According to MP Digital (a leading web developer and bespoke booking system designer), over 60% of consumers are now shopping online, making an online booking system a necessity for the future of leisure businesses.

As we previously mentioned, consumers are still feeling cautious in the wake of ‘Freedom Day’. This may also be in part because they’re misinformed or just unsure as to what is allowed. A booking system will allow your business to communicate effectively the numbers you’re allowing and any safety measures you have in place for when consumers arrive.

In the first eight weeks of lockdown, we saw five years worth of digital progress! Technology will continue to integrate further into our lives, the question is; will your business keep up? Allowing consumers to book online minimises contact with staff and gives your customers a sense of control over their experience. 

Moving Forward:

We hope you found this article useful, these trends are here to stay and getting ahead of them will help your business thrive in the post-freedom-day world. If you’re looking for more information on how to market your business online, check out our other blog post here, or get in touch.


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